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Spider-Man: No Way Home


Now let’s get into SPOILER territory.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is an absolute celebration of 20 years of Spidey cinema.

As fans, we’ve all been waiting for the moment that this version of Peter Parker (MCU) would be taught the “With great power comes great responsibility” lesson and they did NOT disappoint in executing that important part of Peter’s journey. Even though this version mixed things up and made it part of ‘Aunt May’s’ final moments instead of ‘Uncle Ben’s’, it still made perfect sense and absolutely worked for us.

‘Willem Dafoe’s’ Green Goblin was played as good as ever and is one of the best and scariest villains in the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ yet. The fight scenes between him and Peter were one of the coolest, most violent battles that we have seen in this franchise and it was great seeing Spider-Man get some hand-to-hand combat sequences as well. Seeing ‘Alfred Molina’s’ Doc Ock back in action was also a thrilling, pleasure of a ride. And although it was great seeing the return of villains like Sandman, Lizard and Electro, it sometimes felt like they were “just there” without really having an arc.

We were all well aware about the rumors of a possible comeback for both of the previous live action Spider-Men; ‘Tobey Maguire’ and ‘Andrew Garfield’, but we had no idea in what capacity. It could’ve easily just been a glorified cameo or a fun gag. Which still would have been great to see. But this wasn’t the case at all. The two alternate Peter’s were actual supporting characters and helped our main Hero dealing with the loss of his aunt and guided him to turn into a man… A SPIDER-man…

Tobey and Andrew did a fantastic job reprising their respective rolls. They played the characters which such heart and it was like they never left. Also, the chemistry between them and Tom was amazing to watch and you could really tell how much fun they had on set together. The two alternate Peter’s even get some closure for their own story arcs which we followed all those years ago, but they never overshadow the film’s main Spidey so they balanced it out very well.

The previous two installments in this trilogy (‘Homecoming’ and ‘Far From Home’) really were not our favorite Spider-Man Flicks. But at the end of ‘No Way Home’ we can actually see how much our Peter has now grown because of the events in this film, and it makes us respect the previous two movies more. Peter makes the selfless choice in spite of his own happiness and the film shows this in a beautiful way. The opening Scene shows Peter swinging ‘away’ from a big nightmare and in the final shot it shows him swinging ‘towards’ what his big future now has to offer… It now feels like this version of Peter really is worthy of the title; ‘Spider-Man’.

Director ‘Jon Watts’ had an impossible job bringing all these franchises together in a story mainly focusing on one character’s journey, and in trying to do so, he succeeded. For that we have a strong respect for him and great hope in knowing about the projects he will direct in the near future.

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ was a pleasure to watch on the big screen as a film and a huge accomplishment as an ‘Endgame’ to the current Spidey Franchise.

Article by: Roald Rooijens, Toon Bunel and Robin Lemckert